10 Easy Tips To Save Mother Nature

When I was a little girl, I loved being outside. We had an apple tree in our backyard and I would climb it with a book. I would read for a while, eat an apple off the tree, read some more. Throw some apples as a defense mechanism at my sisters, eat some more, read some more, look at the bird house, scare the birds away. You get the picture. I loved nature and looking for arrowheads, swimming in the brook in our neighborhood, letting all the fish free from the trap someone set to use the little guys for bait. At one point, I walked around the neighborhood collecting money to plant flowers along the creek.

One day, my mother decided to plant a tree in our front yard. It was one of those skinny little guys, but it was going to be beautiful. A few days later, a storm moved in. I was so concerned that that little guy was going to be uprooted by the storm that I went outside and hugged the shit out of it so that it would remain rooted. PSA: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE AND GRAB HOLD OF A TALL OBJECT DURING THE MIDDLE OF AN ELECTRICAL STORM** Anyway, the tree survived, spoiler alert, I survived as well. I tell this story to beat my sister to the punch, because she likes to embarrass me, but also to show how much I love nature.

Fast forward to the year 2019 when our world is being consumed by literal garbage – human and otherwise. There is an overwhelming amount of waste. I’m guilty, you’re guilty, we are all guilty. However, a few changes can made a big difference. Today, I read a story about a little whale consuming around 88 plastic bags and died. This is just not acceptable and unfortunately becoming the norm. I wanted to outline a few, simple, easy changes that can help save the world.


  1. Reusable grocery bags. These babies are everywhere! At your grocery store check out, from your OBGYN, everywhere. I got these thermal ones to help keep my groceries cold.
  2. Reusable produce bags. Those little suckers add up too. These bags are so affordable and reduce A LOT of waste.
  3. Reusable straws. Yes folks, even these fun and tiny accessories make a negative impact on the environment. These straws are reusable and you can get them in multiple colors.
  4. I’ve mentioned this before, but I wear natural deodorant. I mention this here, because it’s my thought that the least amount of chemicals that go on your body means the least amount of chemicals that are washed down your drain. Therefore, contaminating your water supply just a little less. Also, aluminum is tied to breast cancer so there’s an additional benefit. This one is so good and coconut oil based! We love a coconut queen.
  5. On the same note as above, I use natural body wash. This one, actually. Does anyone have any recommendations on shampoo/conditioner and other hair products?
  6. Don’t judge me on this one, but wear your workout clothes twice. I double-wear my workout clothes to lessen how much water I use washing all these articles of clothing. I wear the clothing, hang it up to let them dry and wear them the next day. It’s not bad, I promise.
  7. Shop your local farmer’s market. This one has a lot of the behind the scene world-saving awards. From fuel emissions in transportations of goods to chemicals used to maintain produce to actual growing of produce or animals. Small, local, and loving win.
  8. Proper recycling. I am not so good at this one, but my husband is. He LOVES going through the garbage and recycling and telling me when I have done it wrong. Be like my husband.
  9. Reuse. Thanks to Parks and Rec, I learned that I would be able to use coffee grounds to humanely drive out slugs from my backyard. I just would dump the grounds from my press to my grass and the slugs left!
  10. Thrift. This is a money-saver and a world saver. As Americans, we go through clothing and furniture at rapid speed. Learn to respect the life of products even if they aren’t yours. Buy used and save yourself money as well as driving down creation of the $5 shirt and industry made furniture.

Some of these are more intense than others, but even just adopting one change can make all the difference in the world. If you can’t afford re-usable bags, please go see your gyno.

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