Never Second Guess a Kind Deed

Hola!! Como estas? Bien! Yo Tambien, thanks for… not technically asking. Anywho, weird start huh?

We are here to talk about getting it right and getting it tight. You know, just like your grandmother would say to you growing up.

Still weird? I digress.

So, this posts stems from errr many things going on in my mind. I’ve had some New Years Resolutions and just some resolutions in general lately. I feel as though we owe it to ourselves and to our world (physical, emotional, digital) to try to be the best versions of ourselves. All too often, we as a culture get pumped full of expectations and chemicals that do not suit us. We are bombarded with information and patterns of behavior that are not sound – in my opinion. So, during my self reflection, I came to the conclusion it was about damn time I tried to change.

Let me start from the beginning.

In December, I challenged myself to a #30DaysofKindness challenge. Essentially, do at least one thing every day as an additional, out of the ordinary act of kindness. Well, guess what mother truckers, I am one nice lady. This challenge pushed me to do things that I would normally think I should do, but for whatever reason I wouldn’t do them. And reflecting back on that statement alone is so interesting to me, because why wouldn’t I do them? My sister recently said to me to never second guess a kind deed. It was such a profound statement disguised as a Fortune Cookie line that at first it didn’t sink it. But, how right is she? SO RIGHT. Some days were easier than others. There were days I was very busy at work and woke up, ran into work, and ran home. It was around the second time this happened when I thought – why can’t I do something exceptionally nice to myself that I wouldn’t normally do? (No, this won’t turn into a self care post, but even if I’m lying and it does, you’re welcome.) So from then on out, I planned out my self care days. OOOO, get ready for your bubble bath today you neglected Queen you.

Other days, I was surprised how difficult it was to give to people. I should have counted how many times I tried to buy coffee for the people behind me in line at the coffee shop to be told they already paid via the mobile app. Not to sound like your distant great uncle, but this damn technology is killing us (says the lady with the blog). There is one lady that stands outside of Subway near my office and asks people to buy her food. I usually avoid that area, but one day I did buy her some food. Then, she told me I forgot her drink and I was immediately annoyed – we can’t all be perfect. Most days, however, it was wonderful giving to others. Baking the front desk people cookies and thanking them for watching out for all of us. Buying my coworker who was having a bad day, a cup of her favorite coffee, sending out love made the thirty days fly by. I noticed that I often thought as being kind as buying something for someone else. My new plan is to resolve myself that not all acts of kindness need to be shown through monetary contributions – but sometimes that’s just what is going to happen.

My aim will be to keep giving until this challenge becomes habit, but for now, I challenge you to a 30 days of kindness challenge! Please let me know how it goes.

Then, I went on a #ThisIsQuesoSaves challenge. This means, I had a no spend month. Essentially, I took out frivolous spending from my budget. No coffees (not made at home), no snacks, no movies. This required lots of planning and lots of food from the grocery store. It was a real eye opener to me how much I take my money for granted. I don’t even think twice about buying coffee every day or getting a snack randomly when I’m hungry. But also, it really made me pay attention to what I have in my home already. I am proud to say, no produce was thrown out for going bad, no left-overs uneaten. I felt that because I was saving money, I became more aware of how fortunate I am to have food in my house and that it is SERIOUSLY depressing to throw anything out. There are literally people dying to have the amount of food I throw out on a regular basis. I’ve shown myself that I can do this, that I can slash my going out fund, that I can plan out meals and stick to it. What surprised me most about this challenge was how it touched me in more ways than just financially. You really see what you have when you take the other options away.

I plan to do this challenge again. Follow along at #thisisquesosaves

So, now what am I doing you ask? Well, I am cutting out the excuses I make in regards to my health. I will update you all on this and will contribute an entire post on getting. this. shit. done. But in the meantime, I have been waking up at 5 AM and working out and trying to cut out sugar.

Send your thoughts and prayers on that last one.

Also, I’ve switched deodorants to an aluminum free deodorant! Read some articles, thought it would be interesting. Happy to say, I do not smell… I don’t think.

All this to say, you can hold yourself accountable. You can set your goals and get achieve them. I do plan on being much more involved on social media to keep myself and my followers in check, but just a few tips on getting yourself motivated to better you are:

  1. Planning – Plan out your days, your monies, your food, etc
  2. Know you are going to slip up. It happens and it is okay.
  3. Make yourself a priority. Self Explanatory
  4. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want the world to be more sustainable stop with to-go food containers, take your reusable coffee cup to the shop, buy reusable bags, etc.
  5. Be your own motivation. See how far you come, reflect on it, and give yourself some credit.
  6. Spread the love. It will come back to you






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