Triumphantly Awkward & Inspired

I’ve always been a little bit of an outcast. I remember growing up, just on the cusp of a social life, and being content with reading my weekends away and occasionally leaving a boring message on my friends’ voicemails that we should hang out and just eat a box of OREOs and ice cream (You know who you are. Or do you – maybe there are multiples. There are definitely multiples. This is my MO folks). My husband is the epitome of a social butterfly and I don’t quite understand it. He LOVES talking to people and being on the phone and always having people around. I, on the other hand, don’t mind being alone. Sometimes I even prefer it. Don’t get me wrong, there are definite spurts of the desire to hang out with people and be around people and joke and laugh and I always say hello to strangers or try to make small talk in elevators (even though I am decidedly bad at it). It’s how I was raised. My father constantly made my sisters and I go out and introduce ourselves to whichever adult he was talking to. Without that, I may never have created the courage I have as an adult to be a functioning member of society. Because trust you me, I would much rather be reading a book.


Even my littlest sister who is probably my most kindred spirit is not like me. She makes friends much easier, while I am content with my little nuggets of friendship I’ve developed over the years. These are the people I am most comfortable to, so I can’t help my heart. Even growing up, if my troop of friends were busy, I’d just hang out with my little sister and her friends then quietly go home and read a book. Or when I would be in tennis lessons with my oldest and dearest friend, Erin, she was wonderful at making new friends. Every new summer season, she’d walk away with multiple acquaintances and I’d walk away with a sunburn. Or my friend, Mackenzie. Our freshman year at college, homegirl was swimming in the pootang of friendship (is that a saying or should it be? Let’s take back the word, ladies.) and I’d be content making my roommate so scared that her knees would lock up and she’d fall over. Balance. Even into my adult life, I have friends who attract new friends like it’s the easiest thing in the world. My lovely friend Santiago can quite literally connect with anyone. One of our first times hanging out, I confessed to him that I admired that about him. He told me it was all about finding common ground. So, the next time I wanted to be someone’s friend, I walked up to her and whispered, “So, did you know HH Holmes was considered America’s first serial killer? Or that John Wayne Gacy cleared the Secret Service’s background check after he had been murdering people to meet the president? Interesting stuff, huh? You like serial killers too?” They didn’t and it wasn’t. Let’s just say I peaked back when I thought burping was an acceptable way of communication.

When did you all peak? Middle school anyone? Just me? I’m the only one talking about that one time I ran really fast and got first place? …Cool.


I’ve read Dale Carnegie’s book How to Make Friends and Influence People and highly recommend it in this post here, and it has helped with my social-ness – or lack thereof. In all actuality, I’m okay with being a little off the beaten path. I’m okay with walking alone or spending the night in reading a book. I think there are still some people like me. I still work on my social skills and asking questions and I don’t think I will ever be as invigorated as my husband is in a crowd, but I’m mostly okay with it. Why can’t you extroverts leave us introverts alone? Being introverted has increased since having a baby, too. I don’t know if it’s a combination of being sleepy or knowing my son is going to wake up early or that I put too much pressure on myself to be a perfect, alert, fully slept mother, but I like going to bed early. I spent years going out often and being out late, but now’s my time for sleep. Yes, yall, I said it. Sleep. Ugh. I am so old already. I recognize there is a stigma around being a “loser” or morning person. And you can shove that right up your ass with your EDM music and 5AM bed time.  HOWEVER, most of my friends are not like me – they are actually pretty cool. In this post, I wanted to give a few of them a shout out, because they deserve it and because I’m starting a little thing called #30daysofkindness

Essentially, you do (at least) one kind thing a day. I’m going to document mine and if you want to use the #30daysofkindness I think you should too. Let’s create a little ripple of kindness. We can take a break from our lives to be sweet, I believe in us.  And I wanted to highlight my friends, because too often we put our trusted friendships on the back burner and don’t praise people as often as we should. All the people below are outstanding folks who deserve a little of attention and you’ll find have plenty to offer in return. 



Caitlin – Since the beginning of time there was the sun and there was Caitlin’s fashion style. She’s always wanted to start a business where she could connect with women and help them feel beautiful. And now she has. My friend has opened an online boutique called “Commonroots Boutique” where women and men can shop her already put together outfits or individual pieces on Instagram (@commonrootsboutique) or their website. The pieces are a combo of everyday necessities to adorable statement pieces. An added bonus? Part of the profits will go to local charity organizations. All the feels, ammiright?

Laura – The blogger extraordinaire. She helped me make my mind up to start this blog and always forces me to take better pictures, just by being herself. Not to mention, she is like every girl’s best friend and definitely someone I can’t help but wonder what kind of face cream she uses. Also, how is someone so beautiful so wonderful at everything? She totally inspired me to write this post, so go check her out at @lauraalldaylong TYSM

Shae’- If there was a ever a better person, I’d be in shock. Shae’ has a wonderful story and started a truly restorative foundation called the Kutoa Project. It is based in Kenya and you can follow her story and (DONATE!!) and the stories of everyone she has healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually here @kutoaproject

Nikki – If you’re wondering who took these amazing photos of me and my family, her name is Nikki Russell of The Little Onion Photography. I mean – these photos speak for themselves (meaning: she made my three chins actually look acceptable). If you’re in the San Antonio and are looking for a good photographer, feel free to DM her on @littleonionphotography

SA Bloggers – I met these local bloggers this weekend and their knowledge and willingness to lift each other up was AMAZING. I was able to listen to their stories and skills in this niche community. They were all incredibly loving and graciously made themselves available for all my ridiculous questions. I’m very pleased to encourage you all to get to know them through their various social media platforms – your life can only improve having known them – I wish I had sooner. Shout out to my new girls – @deannxchristensen @allthingsashleylauren @iamkrystlec @leslieapproved @xoangierich @mirrlynn @darleneemariee @katie.slays @abbeyyymarieee with so many women, you’re bound to find one that speaks to you.


While all my sisters are BAMF, only one has created her own business…so far. My oldest sister Megan has done such a wonderful job in her cosmetology career that she has already expanded TWICE. Give her a follow at @hairbymeganl and shoot her a DM if you’re in the North Webster, Indiana region.

For Her jewelry – Beautiful and handmade jewelry straight from my hombres to the south – Mexico. Technically not women owned, but definitely owned by a women supporter, so I’ll make an exception. These are the earrings I wore in all the (only) good photos I actually have on my Instagram. Take a look at Instagram or shop online here for all the accessories you could want from a small, local business.


Avery – If you’re in the Austin area and love cheese (everyone, duh.) then you have check out this lady’s food truck, accurately called “S’Avery’s”. She’s literally winning awards y’all, AND she donates 10% of profits to end Sex Trafficking. Cheesin’ for a reason. Give her a follow at @Saverygrilledcheese to find out where she is serving this delicious, gourmet grilled cheese.

Of course, a very special shout out to all my friends and love ones who have supported me and inspired me every step of the way. Te Amo.

4 thoughts on “Triumphantly Awkward & Inspired

  1. I think we have to accept that people are different, and nothing wrong with that. I wasn’t very outgoing when I was younger, and was bothered by it. Today I am good with myself as I am, and probably more social than before. I don’t think there was one moment I peaked. 🙂


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