Boho Wedding Makeup and Skincare

I write this as my family and I try to recuperate from our son’s second birthday and I sit in my bed eating Puppy Chow straight from the container. If I’m being honest, Victor and I are mostly catching up from our day at Austin City Limits – a music festival in Austin, Texas. After the crazy heat, the admiration of Paul McCartney and walking through the throngs of people, waking up early to be with our son was exhausting, but wonderful. And I got a neck pimple. Yay.

I am still trying to get out of my little funk and decided a happy post would be best and my son’s birthday reminded me of my marriage. My husband and I have been married for (almost) 9 months. Yes, we had sex out of wedlock. Anywho – we had a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our son walked me down the aisle to Ed Sheeran (and Queen Bey’s) “Perfect”. My sister Nicole and Victor’s brother,  Oliver, accompanied us. My oldest sister Megan and her husband have a wonderful marriage and I asked them to give us marital advice. Then, I asked my dear friend (longest in Texas) MacKenzie to say a prayer with us. It was wonderful and a good way to keep the people we wanted to be a part of our wedding to be with us.

Oh! Our first dance was a little known song by Jason Mraz called “This Is What Our Love Looks Like”. Well, there is no recorded version of this song and I tried to woo/inspire/bully Jason Mraz into sending us a single. It never happened.

We ate smores and had tequila shots waiting for our guests as they entered the reception, the perfect blend of American and Mexican if you ask me (just like Mateo). All of this, the beach sunset, the beautiful weather, the gorgeous dress were all wonderful, but my favorite part of our wedding was our vows.

Allow me to elaborate. This is both sweet and ridiculous. So, I’ll take you back a few years to the first time I actually hung out with my future husband. A mutual friend took me to on of his house parties, I was suppose to leave early for another party, but I stayed  – it was too much fun. We all ate and drank (and drank and drank). I talked to my husband more openly than anyone else. I laughed so much. I did the worm (yes, the dance move. I’m a show off.) and Victor basically proposed to me right there. We spoke open and honestly to one another and really connected. As I was leaving, he said to me “You know what, Lauren, you’re something else.” I smiled and left.

Fast forward months (years) later. I’m pregnant and my mother and fiance’ are in the pool with me, but they are drunk off tequila. Every lady’s dream. they started talking and Victor tole my mom about that first night we hung out, and about telling me I was “something else.” My mom laughed and told him about when I was little and she’d tell me “Lauren, you’re something else” (probably because telling your child they are a little shit is frowned upon). She’s say I’d ponder and ask “Well, then what am I?” I know. I know. I’m a genius.

Move right along to our vows. We did not compare notes or give any ideas of what the other was writing. As Victor swayed through his vows, he mentioned how I was something else once again. I glanced at my sister who know what I wrote and smiled. When it was my turn, I almost cried as I told Victor how he was my something else as well. While we may not always be on the same wave length, I think the core of our relationship is real and true and that is all I can ask for. Someone to laugh with, to do the worm in front of, to stay up late speaking to, and who would get drunk with my mom.

But as I say this, I recognize how much pressure a wedding day can be on a couple – both mentally and financially. As women, there is a distinct pressure to be picture perfect – which is silly. Your fiance already thinks you are perfect. Try not to put so much pressure on one day, sweet love, because you need all that energy for the rest of your life. For me, in an effort to save money where we could – I did my own makeup. I wanted to share some tips with you all on the skincare leading up to my wedding/homecoming/prom and a little tutorial on my wedding day makeup. Follow the tips below and then try the makeup out! If you try it, tag me in your pictures on Instagram (This Is Queso Blanco) or Twitter (@IsQueso) I would love to see!


  1. Drink water – Your skin will have an interior glow, your lips won’t be chapped, your fine lines or wrinkles will plump up. Drink water.
  2. This is some old school shite, but use olive oil on your nails. Your cuticles will be soft and nice. Your hands will be photographed often, soften those fuckers up.
  3. Face Masks. I used Karuna masks on my hands, feet, and face. All.The.Time. Even if you’re not going to a destination wedding, your honeymoon – those footsies will show. I actually sleep in my masks and let all the amazing nutrients soak in. Nothing feels better than taking these off and rubbing in the goodness. Soft heaven. These masks are amazing. makeup4
  4. Exfoliate. Use baking soda to get into your blackheads. Your face will be sot and ready to absorb all the goodness from #3.
  5. Hydrate. I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost for SPF and Drunk Elephant to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as Tarte Mermaid Skin.  And Mario Badescu Rose water spray for hydration and setting. This will help make up slide on and will keep you  feeling plumped.
  6. Have a nighttime skincare routine. I use Elemis Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream and Elemis Peptide Night Recovery Cream-Oil to keep my skin hydrated overnight and looking plump in the morning. I use Mary Kay Firming Eye Cream for my eye area. Finally, for the occasionally breakout, I use Derma-E Tea Tree and Vitamin E Oil to dry them out.
  7. Use tumeric powder to brush and whiten your teeth. Harmless to you, the environment, and your wallet. And it actually works!


I know that most brides want to be smokey, but natural. I was going for a little more relaxed look, but still a smokey/natural look. So, below are so photos of me recreating my wedding day eye look. Follow the steps above, then practice this makeup.


First, add a base (I used my Shape Tape concealer). Then, put a light layer of eyeshadow down (I used my bronzer). Side note *** never get this close to someone in real life – I feel like you can see all my sins.


Then, I used the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette’s puke color at the outer edge. I was going for a more almond shape that the shadow would be more built out on the edge.


Then I went in and added a darker, neutral brown color to the outer edge.


Then, I started my liner. I always look straight forward and draw the tail part out first. This helps so the wing doesn’t get lost in my eye crease (is that the right name?).

Finally, I added a little black shadow to the liner and blended it out to make it look more diffused. Then, I took a little brush and wet it with eye drops. Then, I dipped it in a gold shadow and put that on my lids.


I finished my face with IT Cosmetics and Loreal Pro Glow foundation mixed together. I used Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer (love this because it has a glow, is hydrating, and is full coverage). And Tarte Don’t Be Afraid to Dazzle palette to contour and highlight to the heavens. Finished with Loreal Infalliable Lipstick (no butthole lips here), and Loreal Telescopic mascara (swear by this and have been wearing it for years, and Kiss lashes in Flirty (so easy to apply and light weight). Eyebrows are with NYX and Anastasia Beverly Hills in blond. Of course, I topped my lips with Urban Decay lipgloss for the photos. DONE! And pretty affordable.


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