Top 10 Best Coffee Shops In San Antonio

I write this as I successfully got my husband and son to sleep. It is October 1st and we put Hocus Pocus from DVD on the television, I gave my son a snack of cucumber and tomatoes, my husband laid on the couch and I turned on my Sweat app to Resistance-Leg day. I am getting old and my knees are not as great as they use to be, so I modify it sometimes, but it’s always a good little workout. I’ve been so lazy lately though.

I’ve been drinking massive amounts of coffee. I drink a whole french press by myself (I use this one from Amazon – thanks for the wedding gift Kelsy!) and then, around 2PM, I want more caffeine. Please see the word: addict. Anyone else constantly think of that Benjamin Franklin quote “Don’t put off for tomorrow, what you can do today”? I do, because by nature I am a So, I try to keep myself motivated, knowing that if I wait to do something, I’ll likely forget. Which will lead to added fees, arguments with my husband, wasted food, increasing 6 extra pounds, and likely just the end of the world. So, I drink loads of coffee to get me through the day and I love it.

This week, my little baby son is turning 2!!! It’s some big business. Which means, I (his lucky mama) needs to plan this shit. And clean. And bake. And drink more coffee. Since he is going to only be 2, I don’t feel a ton of pressure, because likely he won’t remember this party – BUT he can interact now and play so I want to do a little somethin’ somethin’ for him. He loves Coco (see here). And have I mentioned how much it has helped my Spanish? It has. Tons. There is a certain pressure to throwing a child’s birthday party though. Moms in particular are met with side eyes if it’s not authentic and fun, if their tits aren’t to the sky and if their white pants aren’t truly white. So what if I want to serve the well deserving adults some alcohol at a kid’s birthday? Or so what if I can’t do my hair or nails? Not here for that, only here to make sure my son has a good time.

Anyway, it’s been rainy here in San Antonio, and since coffee is our lady mistress in our relationship, my husband and I decided to explore coffee shops around the city and get a coffee high. We sipped coffee, nibbled on quiches and people watched the pseudohipsters (I see you and I know you grew up wearing cowboy boots and fantasizing about driving lifted trucks. Don’t get it twisted). There is something majestic about sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy, cozy day. Only the people who really want to be there show up. Only the folks that need the gentle buzz of conversation and espresso machines in the background to get their work down. Only the people who really want to see the person they are meeting. This especially applies in San Antonio where a tiny drizzle prevents most from venturing out.


Or, if you’re like me, you fantasize about being on of those people whose ADD doesn’t distract them from working in public, or who know exactly what they want to order when they get to the counter, or look effortlessly cute in your neutral colors and Glossier make up. Either way! We all love chasing the high. As National Coffee day passed and I dribbled through each cafe, I knew I had a national duty to find the best coffee places here in San Antonio. To share them with you and to give a little highlight of their best things to offer. SA – you’re getting one step closer to taking over the world. Imagine what a caffeine crazed, goat rambling, Alamo-dazed citizen could do? The possibilities are limitless.

  1. Press SA – settled in a new building with a whole glass wall, this multi-level Hobbit house is comforting and cute and delicious. coffee.5
  2. Shotgun House Roasters – This is too cool for me coffee shop, that is again delicious, personable and like an older, cooler sibling that finally offers to take you out with them. coffee.2
  3. Estate Coffee Company – Helllllo Instagram! Beautiful brick wall, check. Hilarious and thoughtful inspirational quotes, check. Also, music/outdoorsy/coffee fiends rejoice. They know how to make the perfect espresso shot and then top it off with records and local outdoors attire. Yes please. coffee.6
  4. Rosella- Every barista here knows their shit. And its so cute. And its in HEB. For me, when my baby wakes up early I now have no problem getting some errands done by going to HEB to grocery shop, because I know I will have this amazing coffee in store for me. coffee.7
  5. Local Coffee – Hello darkness my old friend. Local coffee is local and proud – obvi! It’s European inspired and a cozy, comfy feel for every family member. With treats locally sources from bakeries nearby, this place is the epitome of small business and I’m here for it. coffee.8
  6. Commonwealth Coffee – Crepes and coffee in a place where you get to feel like a boujee puta. Here is where all your dreams will come true. I mean – look at this sign, so cute. Not to mention, locally sourced coffee beans from Austin, Texas. Keeping it weird, folks. coffee.3.
  7. Indy Coffee – Local cinderella story about a coffee truck turned brick and mortar location. This place supports the local college students with it’s hipster flare and eco-conscience ways. Ladies and gentlemen – the future.  coffee.11
  8. Cafe Martinez – We came here for the wall art and stayed for the chocolate mint cold brew. Yasss queen. This place was quiet and full of students that were on their game. Mateo
  9. Philo Coffee San Antonio – This beautiful, tasty shop will quickly make you feel at home. Colorful coffee will likely brighten anyone’s day. This place is cozy and ultimate for people watching. coffee.10
  10. Koffee Kup Company – Any and everything you could possibly need for a rainy day in a coffee shop. Warm comfort food, hot coffee, and a presence that is both welcoming and familiar. coffee.9

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