Fon-Do You Love San Antonio – Top 16 Most Instagram Worthy Spots

Hi. Hello. I write this as my son lays on my legs, crying/whining after I reprimanded him for once again chewing on my hair. At first, I thought it was sweet that he wanted to snuggle into my mane, but now. Now he goes in hard into my hair. He wants me to be bald. Surely, it has nothing to do with the fact that I am so aggressive in getting him to give me kisses. That’s not a learned quality. Right? That’s just good old fashion love. Lately, when he walks away from me, I point to him and say “Be sweet. Be wise.” and he gives me a high five and runs off. Okay, that only happened once and it was just now, but it was cute.


So, it’s rainy and flooding around me in Texas right now, so I decided this was perfect timing to drop some Stephen King on YouTube and write down some thoughts. I wanted to recap my road to San Antonio.

**Intermission – my son needed to cuddle.

After my parents divorce, my mom wanted to move back to her hometown of San Antonio. This made sense at the time. My little sister and I were taken along. The move was strange for me. I grew up in a small town, had my lifelong friends, knew my neighbors well, and knew who I was in said community. So, moving to a new city and high school my junior year was a bit rough. Regardless, it all turned out well. I made some amazing friends and met my amazing husband here in San Antonio. Needless to say, this place is really growing on me.


While I miss my friends and family in Indiana, I have really started to love this city. I know most people think of San Antonio and think of Mexican food, the Alamo, the Spurs and the Riverwalk, but it is so much more than that. It’s a thriving and growing metropolis that is constantly adapting to its citizens’ needs. As the culture continues to evolve, the city grows in fierceness. You mix that Cowboy, with that Spanish, get a southern, mostly catholic, yummy, intellectually booming, growing cityyyyy.

Here’s a glance at some of San Antonio’s most Instagram Worthy Places to visit.

  1. The Alamo – of course. It’s like, historic.


2. The Riverwalk – I’m especially enchanted with this place during the holidays, when the twinkle lights hang from the trees and its less crowded.


3. The Pearl – This was a revamping of the old Pearl Brewery and its affiliates. It now boasts shopping, bakeries, coffee (Local Coffee uhmahgawd so good), and restaurants. Not to mention, its beauty. I especially love it during Dia de los Muertos or November 1st. The decorate it in true Mexican fashion and its gorgeous.


4. The little lesser known Japanese Tea Gardens. Situated perfectly in park, next to our zoo. It’s picturesque, no matter the weather.


5. Southtown. Oh, Southtown, I love you. It holds the Kings Williams district and hipster restaurants and outdoor, friendly bars. This is the Brooklyn of San Antonio.


6. The McNay Art Museum. Settled in on an old plantation, this museum is so hip. They have Second Thursdays, where there is outdoor music, food trucks, drinks, and free admission to the museum. Along with the grounds themselves, the exhibits are beautiful and on trend.


7. The Saint Anthony Hotel. Let’s not touch on the presence of ghosts (totally haunted though), this hotel is historic and breathtaking in downtown San Antonio.


8. The Pipe Corner – Our very own trendy, neighborhood smoke shop. But I mean come on, how can you not love the aesthetic in this place?


9. The Current – Technically a local, retrograde newspaper, but the colors on this building give me life.


10.  Queso, Pan y Vino (Cheese, bread and wine). ‘Nuf said.


11. Throwing it back to the real winner in San Antonio, tacos.  Viva Tacoland houses this famous wall is totally Instagrammable.


12. Another bar, Paramour is a must. From the decorations in this place, to the rooftop view of downtown San Antonio. Get your flip phone ready and drink a fun bag while you’re at it.


13. George’s Keep. A speakeasy bar tucked away within a hotel/apartment residence. Go up past the giant fountain and downstairs restaurants and on your left you’ll find table and a door. You’re welcome.


14. The Historic Market. The picture explains itself, but during the day there are often vendors with mouth watering snacks. Grab  yourself a corn in a cup and your new profile pic.


15. The San Fernando Church in San Antonio’s main plaza. Look up the times the church will have their light show displayed, but when you catch a glimpse, the artistry is spectacular.


16. Ocho. It’s a restaurant that is tucked away downtown. It’s settled on the river and is in the same building as the Havana Hotel – another noteworthy place to stop in to. Ocho has amazing churros and a vibe that is relaxed, but on point.


That’s it! Obviously, there are many more worthy places to touch on, but these places were unique and beautiful to San Antonio. Let me know if you guys want me to do a recap of the local vineyards. I’m here to give the people what they want. 🙂

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