Gouda: An Introduction

Hi. My name is Lauren. Let’s pretend like we are at our first day of school and the teacher is asking us to introduce ourselves and say one fun fact. Now, let’s pretend like everyone’s fun facts are all my fun facts, because this is a blog and I can’t exactly hear you responding. This is the power of the internet, baby. Just comment your interesting facts below, I’d love to hear. As a writer, I’m constantly stealing other people’s thoughts and actions for my own personal gain. The internet allows me to do this in the comfort of my own home. I guess I’m an introvert and a narcissist. Fact #1 and #2. Anyway, back to the beginning. I’m Lauren. I’m a 28 (ish) year old woman, wife, mother, daughter, friend, analyst, Christian, wanna-be baker, traveler, turned hopeful-new-blogist.

As with anyone, I have been spurned by my childhood. It is both my downfall and uptick. From the outside, my childhood would be classified as a typical white, middle class, suburban upbringing. However, you’ll learn that quickly concluded when my parents divorced. Not to get into too much too soon, I know we millennials are not into laying everything out in beginning, but screw it – I’m an open web page. My father was (is) an alcoholic (more on this later) and my mother had had enough. She took me and my little sister from Indiana and moved us across the country to San Antonio, Texas. This particular event in my life has left many scars that are still apparent in my every day life, but (for now) that is not what this blog is for.

Recently, my husband and I (more on him later as well) discussed the state of the world. He asked how we could make it a better place. My answer was quick to surface “Be happy.” I said. I’m a firm believer in cultivating a happy family which will result in a happy community, which turns into country which eventually turns into the world. Fact #3 – optimist.

Of course, easier said than done, so I continued my thought in my mind of how I could contribute to my family/community/country/world’s happiness. I can say I am selfless in my selfishness (Fact #4 and #5). Hopefully you believe me. I have made a list of goals I want to achieve. Some are silly, some are not, but all will contribute to my happiness and I can only hope,  will create happy ripples that spread deep and far.

This blog and you all will help keep me accountable.

  1. Start a blog (Woot – Check 1)
  2. Finish my book
  3. Lose weight
  4. Take family photos (those cute ones that it seems everyone else in the world seems to have, but when my family and I try to take pictures they turn out with closed eyes, half faces, darkness, or food stains)
  5. 100 Days of Giving challenge
  6. Baptize Mateo (my son)
  7. Travel More (Going to Italy in less than 40 days…Check 2)
  8. Be a better friend/wife/daughter/sister
  9. Be honest about ins and outs of having a baby (about everything – including but not limited to: pregnancy, post-partum, toddler life, surviving in general).
  10. Learn espanol better. After all, it’s about time I know when my husband’s family is talking about me.

All in all, easy goals for what they are. You, my friends, have already helped me so much. You have already encouraged me and frustrated me and loved me enough to where I had the lady balls to write this and publish it. For that, I can only thank you.

This is Queso Blanco and I gouda get out of here. No? thought I’d try (#6 Mom Joke Extraordinaire).

sliced cheese on brown table top
Photo by NastyaSensei Sens on Pexels.com


16 thoughts on “Gouda: An Introduction

  1. I know you’re new to this blog thing and all, but it was a great read! So much so, that I think I would like to take you out on a date. Think your husband would mind? Fine…it’s me…but seriously, date?

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  2. Lauren this was great! I’ll definitely stay tuned and continue reading! Victor gets points for his adorable comment, but you get many many points for that cheese joke! Lol! Write on girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love it!! I wasn’t sure what to expect but your story really resonated with me. I love that it’s raw and honest but poetic at the same time.

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  4. Oh my, I want to keep reading! If this were a book it would be a page turner, and in my top 5. What would be the web equivalent? Look forward to your next post!


  5. Oh my, I want to keep reading!!! If this were a book it would be a page turner, and on my top 5! Gotta think of a web equivalent for that. Look forward to your next post.


  6. This is great Lauren! I’ve always wanted to start one, but don’t have the guts yet or really haven’t made the time with two little ones running around. It definitely left me wanting to read more. I love the honesty of it all…it’s what people (or at least I) like to hear & what I believe helps readers better resonate with you. Best of luck! P.S. Gotta give some credit to your husband/promoter! :p Oh and you have the most adorable little one! Blessings! ♡


    1. Thank you, Lesly! What a compliment. You should definitely start one! It’s been very therapeutic for me so far. Being real about my emotions is why, so thank you. Victor’s been the best cheerleader – I’m sire he’ll appreciate you noticing! ❤️


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